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What is a theme:

A Ventrilo theme is mechanism to change the look and feel of the Ventrilo client program.

Themes are downloaded as a single file with the extension of VTP (Ventrilo Theme Pack). The VTP contains all of the configuration and graphic files that make a Ventrilo Theme.

Installing a theme:

After downloading a theme, copy the VTP file to the Ventrilo clients 'Working Directory' by following these instructions:

1. Start the Ventrilo Client

2. Right-click in the main window.

3. Click 'View'

4. Click 'Working Directory'

5. This will open the file browsing window and will show the contents of your current configuration. Double-click the folder called "Themes" and copy the VTP file into it.

One last step: Right-click in the main window again and select the "Theme" option. A list of all themes that have been downloaded will be displayed. Select the theme and the window will automatically restart.

Also of note, at the top of the 'Themes' selection popup menu is an option that opens the browser directly to this web page making it easier to find new and updated themes.

Become a Theme Designer:

Anyone can make a Ventrilo Theme and publish the VTP on their own website. The following documents contain instructions for creating VTP's. You need only imagination, some artistic skill, and access to graphics editing tools.

Theme Specifications (Version 4.0.0)

Describes the internal details of a Ventrilo Theme such as configuration files, properties, graphics and folder layout.

Theme Guidelines (Version 4.0.0)

An evolving list of concepts and check lists for designing a good theme.

Theme Designer (Version 4.0.0)

If you would like to become an Official Theme Designer and have your Themes published on the Ventrilo website then read this document. It describes the legal requirements to become an Official Theme Designer.


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