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The following is a complete list of companies that are officially licensed to rent ventrilo 3.0



GameScape.com (Big Electronic Network, Inc.)

LeetVoiceServers (LeetServers.com)

ClanPoint (WireITup)

Creativehosting (86 Internetdiensten)


InstantVentrilo.com (LightSpeed Gaming, LLC)

Shrapnel Network, LLC

UnitedServers.de (Core Networks GmbH)

Multiplay (UK) Limited

Gamelaunch ApS

Voiceserver.de (NOXWARE IT Services)

VentriloServers.biz (ClanwarzGamingServers.com)

Wohde & Röder GbR / ITP-solutions

Nuclear Fallout Enterprises, Inc.

BFGServers.com (Futuras Technologies, LLC)



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