Name: ShootingGallery
 Published: 11-19-2021
 Copyright: © 2021 Flagship Industries, Inc.
 Description: Live action old west arcade game mode on top of Ventrilo client.

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Requires Ventrilo Client version 4.1.1 or newer.

This theme has three different appearances that turns the main window into a miniature arcade station.

The first appearance features a Target Shoot game with a 20 target round.

The second appearance is a random Clicker that will bump the score, but does not interfere with normal operation of the Ventrilo client.

The third appearance is a Bandit Shootout using a Six Shooter and a reload button. Complete 10 rounds to win the game. Bonus points for the bird. Before you start this game open your Global Chat window for game stats performance when the game ends.


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