Name: Examp-DefineHelpers
 Published: 6/26/2018
 Copyright: © 2017 Flagship Industries, Inc.
 Description: This example is for Theme Designers to demonstrate techniques and possible uses of features available in the Ventrilo Client. It is NOT intended for production use and will look almost identical to the Default theme.

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Starting with version 4.0.2 the client supports these new theme directives.


The #define directive is similar to that used by C / C++ programmers with a minor difference. If an INI issues a #include directive and the included file issues a #define then after that INI file is finished reading the #define's issued in that file will be dropped. However, any #define's issued in an INI file which later issues another #include then those defines will remain intact for all sub-INI files that follow.

Download the Examp-MultiMute to see a more advanced version of these techniques.

See Ventrilo-Theme-Specs.PDF for more details on how these features work.


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