Name: Examp-Flicker
 Published: 10/22/2020
 Updated: 06-28-2022
 Copyright: © 2020 Flagship Industries, Inc.
 Description: This example is for Theme Designers to demonstrate the Flicker technology introduced in the version 4.1.3 client. It is NOT intended for production use and looks similar to the Default theme.

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Requires Ventrilo Client version 4.1.3 or newer.

This theme demonstrates the numerous ways a Flicker can be used to add motion to Ventrilo and advanced support to the Ventrilo client window and its surrounding area.

This theme has 23 different appearances. After you select this example as your active theme, right click in the main window and click the Appearance menu option. Each of the menu options is a different way of demonstrating the individual features of the Flicker system and INI++. The graphics and examples are intentionally simplistic so that the theme designer can concentrate on learning the technology instead of looking at a more advanced production quality configuration.

Each of these appearances have comments at the beginning of their respective configuration files that describe exactly what that appearance is trying to demonstrate. The appearance name in the popup menu also displays parenthesis around what will trigger a specific flicker type.

List of Appearances:


End List

Hellion Assassin

Img Base / Last

Label / Goto


Many Flickers

Mouse Enter/Leave

Multi trigger

Panel Reuse

Pause List

Random Images

Random List

SCP State Test

Start/Stop List - Multi Panel

Start/Stop List - Single Panel

Start auto

4.1.1 added these appearances:


Position and Size



4.1.3 added these appearances:

Kbd input

Math library


Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4

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